Beginning March 2, 2018, the Portal will implement a virus and malware scan of all submitted documents.  If a document in your submission is detected to contain a potential virus or malware threat, the document will be quarantined and will not be transmitted to the intended Clerk’s Office.  No time/date stamp will placed on that document.  The submission will be sent to the Correction Queue so that the infected document can be replaced.  An email notification to that effect will be immediately sent to the filer.  For more information, please watch the online video or read the document which can be found in the News & Information section of the Portal.

Additionally, effective March 2, 2018, all document filings and case initiations must originate from a valid Portal account linked to the filers Florida Bar Number.  Administrative-type accounts without a Florida Bar Number, such as Law Firm Administrator, may only manage the associated organization and its users.

-Florida Courts Filing Portal