WHO CAN JOIN? Membership in the Florida Association of Legal Support Specialists, Inc. (FALSS), is open to all persons presently or formerly employed in, or interested in, the legal profession.

New Member $60.00 (includes a one-time $10.00 initiation fee)
Individual $50.00 (renewing)
Retired $25.00
Student $25.00 (proof of enrollment required with application)
                          (no Initiation Fee for Students)
Dues for members joining FALSS during the period November 1 through March 31 shall be as follows:
  Individual Member - $75.00 (+ $10 Initiation Fee)
  Retired Member - $37.50 (+ $10 Initiation Fee)
  Student Member - $37.50 (with proof of enrollment)
These prorated fees will cover the remainder of current fiscal year and the first renewal fiscal year

OBJECTIVES: The objectives of FALSS are to provide a state organization for members who have a common interest in the legal field, to enhance the perception of legal support specialists, and increase awareness of the members’ roles within the legal system.

Whether we realize it or not, each of us is an ambassador to the legal profession. What we do on a daily basis affects the way other people perceive the legal field. FALSS understands this and acts as the vehicle by which professional development is fueled. Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits are awarded for attendance at the educational seminars offered at each quarterly meeting. The Quarterly Membership Meetings are held in cities all across Florida, and are hosted by the Chartered Chapters of FALSS, or its Board of Directors. The exchange of ideas and the camaraderie among members of the other Florida chapters is invaluable in cultivating one’s abilities and talents. FALSS is a member-driven association. FALSS in turn empowers its members to strive toward excellence and strive to become better professionals. Perfection is a perpetual goal. FALSS was organized by its members, for its members. Your participation in this organization can be as limited or as involved as you choose it to be. The meetings are held once every three months culminating with an Annual Membership Meeting in April. There are numerous committees and functions throughout the year to keep you as busy as you want to be. Whether you choose to totally immerse yourself into the organization or just dip your toes in, joining FALSS will be an exceptional experience for you and well worth your efforts.

Since incorporating in 1998, FALSS has welcomed many Chartered Chapters located throughout the state of Florida.